KIDS COUNT is a state and national effort to track the well-being of children. Funded by the Annie E. Casey Foundation, KIDS COUNT informs local, state, and national discussions concerning ways to secure a brighter future for all children. By providing high-quality data and analyses, KIDS COUNT raises the visibility of children’s issues through a non-partisan, evidence-based lens.

Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP)—the state’s designated KIDS COUNT grantee—compiles current, reliable data on child and family well-being in each of our state’s 159 counties. Georgia KIDS COUNT, a GaFCP project, reports year-to-year data highlights, trends, and disparities on child well-being to inform planning, budget, and policy decisions regarding priorities, services, and resources that affect children, families, and communities in our state.

Georgia tracks Indicators of Child Well-Being in five result areas that support our vision for a Georgia where all children are healthy, primed for school, and succeed when they get there; that all families are stable, self-sufficient, and productive; and that every community is vibrant, robust, and thriving.

KIDS COUNT Resources

Georgia KIDS COUNT produces and updates a variety of online data tools and resources to inform and guide our users. These tools create a context for using and interpreting complex data, and they support informed decision-making.

Access the national KIDS COUNT Data Center run by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

Learn how to easily navigate the national KIDS COUNT Data Center.

Access Georgia KIDS COUNT data tools, including maps, graphs, and calculators.

View definitions and data sources for all Georgia KIDS COUNT indicators.

Georgia KIDS COUNT team members are available to:

  • answer data questions and recommend data sources;
  • assist with downloading, graphing or mapping data;
  • help calculate rates, set benchmarks, or choose indicators for planning;
  • explain complex data issues;
  • provide data presentations in your community; and
  • produce custom data snapshots for a county or a region.


To learn more about these resources or to request technical assistance, contact Georgia KIDS COUNT manager Rebecca Rice at [email protected], or at 404-507-0488.

To access outside data and resources, view our partners.