Dawson County Family Connection Raises $4,700 During “Celebrity Waiter” Event

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Local “celebrities” in Dawson County donned aprons and picked up servers’ trays to help raise money for Dawson County Family Connection.

During the “Celebrity Waiter” fundraiser, hosted by Longhorn Steakhouse, community members were given the chance to purchase a tasty breakfast and be served by local elected officials and other “celebrities” representing organizations across the county.

The list of servers for 2013 included 18 people hailing from a long list of local organizations, including Dawson County Government, the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office, the Rotary Club of Dawson County, Dawson County Schools and several local nonprofits.

“This event was always meant to just bring the community together and highlight some of our celebrities, which we consider people that are just already serving our community,” Dawson County Family Connection Coordinator Rebecca Bliss said. “Dawson County has a large amount of resources and a large amount of people that care about each other, and I think that’s evident today; we all support each other and they all want to support our community.”

It’s been four years since Family Connection has been able to host the Celebrity Waiter fundraiser, and Bliss said that she and other nonprofit leadership couldn’t be more thrilled to finally get to bring the event back to the community.

“We’re hoping that this is just a sign that the last four years and everything we’ve been through are behind us and we’re moving forward,” Bliss said. “It’s good to be able to sit down and actually see people and make a true connection with people.”

During the event, Family Connection was able to raise about $4700, a number that Bliss said will make a big difference for the organization.

“It’s a great number; we can do a lot with that so we’re really happy with it,” Bliss said.

She added her thanks to all of the sponsors of the event, as well as those who took the time out of their morning to come serve their community members.

“I’m very happy with the turnout and the support that we’ve gotten,” Bliss said. “We appreciate Longhorn and Chick-fil-A’s support and all of our celebrity waiters, they truly do serve our community and we just appreciate them all so much.”

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