How well is Georgia caring for its children?

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by Craig Schneider
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
3:38 p.m Thursday, June 15, 2017 Atlanta News

Georgia has seen several areas of improvement on the well-being of its children, but ranked 42nd overall in the nation for the second consecutive year, according to a study. Bill Lackey/Staff

Georgia has seen improvements in child poverty, children with health insurance and the teen birth rate, but it continues to rank among the 10 worst states for the care of its children, according to a study.

1. For the second consecutive year, Georgia ranked 42nd in the country for the care of its children, according to a compilation of state and federal information called the annual Kids Count Data Book.

2. The percentage of children living below the poverty level fell below 25 percent for the first time since the recession, standing at 24 percent, according to the 2015 data used for the study by the Annie E. Casey Foundation.

3. The percentage of children without health insurance continued to drop, from 10 percent in 2010 to to 7 percent.

4. The percentage of children whose parents lack secure employment decreased from 34 percent in 2010 to 30 percent.

5. Georgia continues to do worse than the national average for teen births, children in poverty and children whose parents lack secure employment.

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