Crisp Family Connection Engaging Families to Improve Third-Grade-Level Reading

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Crisp Primary School students and parents are learning about language nutrition through art activities offered by Family Connection and the Crisp Area Arts Alliance.

by Sherry Evans

Crisp Family Connection is partnering with local agencies and organizations to positively impact third-grade-level reading by engaging children and families.

In just one of their initiatives, Crisp County School System and Crisp Area Arts Alliance are teaming up with the Crisp County Community Council, the local Georgia Family Connection Collaborative, to offer local students 3 to 8 years old access to books. In addition, parents receive knowledge concerning the role they can play in positively impacting early childhood development.

“In Family Connection’s Early Childhood Development and Health Education (ECHE) cohort, we’re working with Collaborative partners to provide opportunities and activities for children ages birth to 8 and their parents,” said Salley Edwards, a consultant with Atlanta Speech School working with Crisp Pre-K and chair of Family Connection’s ECHE cohort. “These opportunities promote improved health, wellness and academic success.”

The other partners collaborating in the cohort are Crisp Regional Hospital, Healthy Families, South Georgia Technical College, Albany State University, local churches and civic clubs, Head Start, Delta Kappa Gamma, the Department of Public Health, and UGA Extension Services.

Send an email to for more information about the cohort.

To learn more about the arts in Crisp County, send an email to Miriam Edwards of the Crisp Area Arts Alliance, a Collaborative partner leading the activity.


Sherry Evans
Crisp County Community Council, Inc. Executive Director

Bill Valladares
GaFCP Communications Director

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