Maze teaches Chattahoochee Valley teens the sobering reality of decision making

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Teenage students from schools districts across the Chattahoochee Valley took part in a maze that aims at teaching them how to make the right choices.

More than 500 students, 30 educators and nearly 100 volunteers, packed into the Harris County Community Center to take part in a maze that reveals the hard truth about decision making.

Students started at a party scene, and on the bottom of their cups were colors that resembled decisions. Some students were immediately handcuffed and carted off to jail for underage drinking. Others went on to different stations guided only by their decisions.

Torez Ponder, a senior at Stewart County High School, went to the tobacco table, graduation, jail, graduation again, then the graveyard. He spoke about what was going through his head.

I think I thought about why I was going to jail, why I wanted tobacco, and I think I thought about choices. The decisions that would happen if I did that in reality,” he said.

Torez said he was excited when he went to graduation.

When the students were sent to the graveyard, they had to write their own eulogy and look in a mirror placed in a coffin while it was read to them.

Each station had a learning lesson with policemen, nurses, and juvenile justice officers.

Students from Stewart, Sumter, Quitman, Clay, Muscogee, Taylor, Chattahoochee and Talbot counties took part in this event.

Torez said he thinks every student from every school should have to go through the maze.

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