GaFCP Board Member Garry McGiboney Discusses School Climate on WSB-TV’s Being Bullied Program

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Dr. Garry McGiboney, a Georgia Family Connection Partnership Board member and associate superintendent for Policy & External Affairs at the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE), joined Channel 2’s Justin Farmer, Jovita Moore and Linda Stouffer, WSB Radio’s Condace Pressley, and State Rep. Keisha Waites at Ridgeview Charter High School on Sunday to talk about the bullying crisis in Georgia.

McGiboney explained that Georgia is one of the first states in the nation to develop a school climate rating. He talked about new rules to measure school climate, and that all 2,273 schools in Georgia next year will have a school climate rating of one to five, one being problematic and five indicating the school has a good climate.

“Bullying is a symptom,” said McGiboney. “And uless we take a broader look at what’s going on to cause the bullying and to allow the bullying to take place, I’m afraid we will not resolve that issue. A growing body of research shows that school climate is tied directly to student achievement, and also improving school climate is tied directly to prevent bullying.”

 McGiboney said those ratings will be available on the GaDOE website in December.

Watch the Channel 2 primetime special, Being Bullied:


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