Teen Maze

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DALTON, GA (WDEF)—From September 30th to October 4th, students will experience the consequences of risky behaviors such as drinking and unprotected sex.

 They’ll navigate through an interactive “game of life.” Representatives say the goal is to increase their understanding of personal responsibility and the importance of making positive life choices.

Suzanna Harbin of Whitfield family connection says, “They don’t live in a bubble, these kids are definitely experiencing these things, these parties Bad choices can happen so quickly. We need to be talking to the kids we need to be educating the kids…”

Thousands of Dalton High Schoolers start at a party complete with loud music, alcohol and drugs… in this case, water and skittles.

Following the party, the students headed to the main event of the Maze, the scene of a graphic car accident. There, they saw what could happen when driving drunk. Watching the tragedy play out as first responders rush to the scene, was a little more realistic than some students anticipated…

Chelsey Banks from Murray County High School said, “It was like it was really happening, it was crazy.”

 After the crash victims are carried off, students go their respective route according to their bracelet color.

Red means dead…some go to a funeral home and wrote their own eulogy.

Blue sends another group to the ER to watch doctors and nurses try to revive the victim.

Those with yellow were positioned as the drunk driver. They’ll drive a golf cart through a course while wearing “beer goggles.” Afterward, they were all eventually sent to juvenile court.

Chelsey Banks: “You just think… If that was you and you just put yourself in that position and it just makes you think about a lot of things”

Teen Maze gives students a chance to learn things not taught in the classroom.

Janina Levinson of STEM Academy says, “I think it really helped a lot of kids to be able to realize it does happen, it’s not just TV that says it… it’s reality.”

Read the story and watch the video on wdef.com.

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