Gaye Smith Testifies on FY11 Amended and FY12 Budgets

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GaFCP Executive Director Gaye Smith testified this week on the FY11 amended and FY12 budgets in front of the Senate Appropriations sub-committee on Human Development. The Human Development sub-committee oversees the budgets of the:

  • Department of Veterans Affairs,
  • Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities,
  • Department of Human Services, along with attached agencies,
  • Governor’s Council on Developmental Disabilities,
  • Council on Aging, and
  • Governors Office of Children and Families—attached to the Governor’s office.

GaFCP was last on the agenda and only three of seven committee members remained to the end of the meeting. (See list below)

Gaye assured the Senate sub-committee that we have been resolute in our mission and that our commitment is to continue supporting the Georgia Family Connection network of 159 county collaborative organizations. She told the sub-committee that we’re also obligated to maintain and enhance the private investments in this work, and that we must not rely solely on taxpayer dollars.

In closing she requested that the Senate Appropriations sub-committee on Human Development remove language from the FY12 budget that would transfer Family Connection dollars from an established nonprofit—with proven results—to a newly created state agency with an unproven track record.

Watch Gaye’s testimony.


Members of the Senate Appropriations Human Development sub-committee are:
Chair:  Renee Unterman (45) *
Vice Chair: Buddy Carter (1)
Greg Goggans (7)
Johnny Grant (25)
Bill Heath (31) *
Judson Hill (32)
Valencia Seay (34) *
Freddie Sims (12)
Horacena Tate (38)

* Present for GaFCP’s testimony