The Path of Life: Event Teaches Students about the Consequences of Their Choices in Dawson County

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By Erica Jones

On Friday April 12, Dawson County ninth graders had a chance to learn and experience firsthand how their choices, big or small, can have lifechanging consequences during Dawson County Family Connection’s annual Teen Maze event.

During the event, each student was given a booklet with different scenarios to follow through the path of life. Some of the scenarios included good choices like graduating high school, going to college and entering the workforce, while other scenarios were aimed at showing the consequences of bad choices like drugs, alcohol and going to jail.

The event also included a sobering crash simulation with help from Dawson County police and fire and EMS personnel, as well as a Life Flight crew who airlifted the simulation’s “victim” away from the scene after rescue workers cut him out of a totaled car. The students had the chance to experience the crash simulation on a close and personal level as a reminder not to text, drink or do anything else that may impair their senses while driving.

Dawson County ninth graders watch a car crash simulation play out during Family Connection’s Teen Maze event on April 12.

Teen Maze is put on each year by Dawson County Family Connection with the help of volunteers from other agencies and nonprofits throughout the county. This year’s event was made possible through the help of about 80 volunteers.

Each year, the goal of Teen Maze is to help teach the students about the consequences of their actions and choices and give them a chance to experience these potential scenarios in the safety of a simulation.

And an added bonus of the event is that, because the agencies helping with the event are almost all local to Dawson County, it also gave the students a chance to meet members of their local support system and to get resources in case they may need help now or in the future.

“We really appreciate the volunteers who do this because we couldn’t do it without them,” Dawson County Family Connection Coordinator Rebecca Bliss said. “And these are agencies that serve Dawson County, so the good thing is that if there is somebody that needs help they might also meet up with an agency that can help them.”

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