Where will your possibilities take you?

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Region 11 at the 2014 Georgia Family Connection Conference

Representatives from Region 11 seized the lucky chance to show off our social media skills at the 2014 Georgia Family Connection Conference by using the hashtag #possibilities4GA  throughout the event.

Being able to document our experiences and just to have fun with it really helped us from Pierce County and the region to engage in the conference more. We decided ahead of time that we would take as many photos as we could and blast them all over Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Region 11 also produces a monthly regional newsletter and decided to make November’s edition of Region #11 Let’s Talk! a recap of the conference to share with those who may not have been able to attend.

Amy Lollis of Lanier County garnered attention from her local media with her vigorous posting efforts when her community newspaper asked permission to run a story on her Collaborative’s conference experience. What a great example of how tweeting with designated hashtags pay off.

When you come together to share experiences, learn new techniques to improve your Collaboratives, partake in yummy food and fun activities, and let’s not forget about the great entertainment, you can’t help but get excited to go home and live what you have just learned.

This conference was not just about taking a mini break from day-to-day activities it was about POSSIBILITIES. Where will your possibilities take you?