The Georgia Vision Project Announces A New Public School Campaign—Spark!

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The Georgia Vision for Public Education Project is proud to announce the start of its new campaign, Spark! Igniting Education in Georgia. The Georgia Vision Project encourages parents to take an active role in their children’s education in partnership with Georgia’s teachers and administrators. A key part of this is the Spark! campaign which aims to ignite a spark in Georgia public school students by highlighting positive stories and how students can capitalize on them as the base for a successful future.

“The Georgia Vision Project has focused on strengthening our education system for the last four years,” said Dr. Stan DeJarnett, executive director of the Georgia Vision Project. “We are proud to launch our new campaign ‘Spark! Igniting Education in Georgia’ with hopes of engaging the community and sparking dialogue. It is vital for Georgia’s future that we all support public education.”

The Georgia Vision Project will generate enthusiasm and educate Georgia communities about the public school system’s academic achievements. The idea is to change the perception that private or parochial schools are the only places to get a quality education in the state. The overarching message is that public education in Georgia can provide all children with an excellent and equitable education that prepares them for college, career and life.

“Spark! is all about passion; a passion for learning, a passion for teaching. Georgia’s public schools are competitive and prepare students for future achievement at the university level and beyond,” said Dr. Joseph C. Barrow, superintendent, Fayette County Schools.  “It’s time that students, parents, educators and community leaders join together to make a difference.”

The Spark! campaign will highlight academic success stories through public service announcements, billboards and media coverage. Spark! aims to stir a students’ devotion for learning, to inspire enthusiasm in teachers and to elicit a commitment from parents, business leaders and community members who may not know the best ways to stay active in a child’s education. Spark! facilitates these partnerships with the goal of showcasing the strengths of the Georgia public school systems.

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About The Georgia Vision Project
The Georgia Vision Project was initiated collaboratively by The Georgia School Boards Association and The Georgia School Superintendents Association. Since its inception, over 20 private, professional and corporate organizations all over Georgia have joined as partners in this effort. The goal of this partnership is to create and communicate a new vision for public education in the state of Georgia by providing all children with an equitable and excellent education that prepares them for college, career and life.