Request for Public Comment on Georgia’s Title V Block Grant Application

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The Division of Public Health’s Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Program is asking for public comment on Georgia’s FY11 Title V MCH Block Grant application and five-year needs assessment.

Title V is the primary source of support for promoting and improving health of mothers and children in the United States. The MCH Program invites you to review and comment on three draft documents posted on its public comment site:

  • the quantitative and qualitative data section of the Title V Needs Assessment
  • a description of the process used to select and the selected top ten priority needs for Georgia
  • the FY11 activity plan for the 18 national performance measures as required by the Federal grant guidance

The needs assessment document, broken down by the 18 health districts, will be useful to communities engaged in strategic planning.

If you have been involved in the Needs Assessment process and participated in a focus group or some other venue, the MCH Program also encourages you to comment on the process and suggest ways to better engage stakeholders in the future.

Please forward the link to the public comment site to stakeholders, consumers, MCH advocates, parents and family members of a child with special health-care needs, and any other person or group committed to improving outcomes of Georgia’s MCH population.

All public comments will be accepted through June 24 and will remain anonymous.

Go to the Georgia FY11 Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant public comment site.


For more information contact

Rhonda Simpson
Director, Capacity Building Section
Maternal and Child Health Program

Arianne Weldon
Director, State Partnership Strategies
Georgia Family Connection Partnership

Or visit