Star-Studded Service: Local ‘Celebrities’ Raise Money to Help Families During Fundraiser

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Scott Yochum, left, and Pepper Pettit, right, dressed up as bacon and eggs for this year’s “Celebrity Waiter” fundraiser.

From Dawson County News

By Erica Jones

On Friday June 7, local “celebrities” from across Dawson County volunteered their time to serve breakfast to community members at Longhorn Steakhouse during Dawson County Family Connection’s annual “Celebrity Waiter” fundraiser.

The annual event, which raises money to support local families through local nonprofit Dawson County Family Connection, gives local “celebrities”, or people who are known in the community for their heart for the county and the work that they do, the chance to try their hand at being a waiter for the day. This year’s event included a long list of waiters representing many different facets of the community, including representatives from Dawson County, the City of Dawsonville, the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce, and several other nonprofits, clubs and businesses.

“We opened it up this year and actually had nominations from the public which made it a lot more fun, it opened our eyes to a lot more celebrities and their people who support them,” Dawson County Family Connection Coordinator Rebecca Bliss said.

Community members were given the chance to purchase a delicious breakfast for only $15 and to be waited on by the celebrities, and then in a friendly competition the celebrities competed to see who could raise the most money in tips by the end of the event and win the title of “Celebrity Waiter of the Year.”

This year’s “Celebrity Waiter of the Year” award winner was Alexandria Williams, who is a financial planner with the Piedmont Group and is also very involved in the Dawson County Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club of Dawson County and more.

Family Connection was very happy with how the fundraiser went, Bliss said, and excited for the chance to not only raise money for local families but to also spotlight the local “celebrities” featured in the event.

“It’s always an opportunity for people to connect; it’s always fun to see people from different areas all throughout Dawson County coming together,” Bliss said. “I think the people who serve our community need to be celebrated; they’re pretty spectacular and they’re a really good group.”