Pinwheel Ceremony Shows Child Abuse Cases in Area

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From Banks County News

Brooke King helping her son Kaison put a pinwheel in place at the Homer Park on Thursday afternoon. Each pinwheel represents a case of child abuse reported in the area. The ceremony is held each year to showcase the seriousness of this issue.

In a ceremony held at Homer City Park, Banks County Family Connection held its annual Pinwheel Planting Ceremony Thursday afternoon to bring attention to the critical issue of child abuse. During this solemn event, more than 50 children participated by planting 65 symbolic pinwheels, each one representing the silent suffering of a child impacted by abuse.

These pinwheels, embedded in the soil, serve as a powerful reminder of the urgency to address child abuse in Georgia, states Carol Williams, Banks County Family Connection director.

Shown volunteering at the Pinwheel Ceremony are: (L-R) Heather Carver, Kim Ledford, Carol Williams, Judy Harper, Investigator Josh White and Tracey King.

Child abuse statistics in Georgia underscore the gravity of the issue. Currently, Georgia ranks 37th in the nation for child welfare. This distressing reality demands immediate action to amplify the voices of these vulnerable children and advocate for their protection.

“As we reflect on the significance of these pinwheels, let us join hands to create a safer environment for our children where their well-being is prioritized, and their voices are heard,” Williams said. “Together, we can work towards preventing child abuse and ensuring a brighter future for every child in our community.”

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