Central Georgia Focus on Peach County Family Connection Success

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13WMAZ’s Fredrick Price talks literacy, family engagement, and community partnership success under Peach County Family Connection.

Price interviewed Peach County Family Connection Executive Director Sheila Rahim and Family Learning and Literacy Coordinator Martha Bright, who has served as a board member for 20 years, regarding the Collaborative’s early literacy efforts.

“We are working on early literacy opportunities in Peach County, which includes providing libraries in the home with kids through partner engagement activities,” said Rahim. “We also have installed many libraries throughout the community where families can go and receive books to help teach the parents to be the child’s first teacher.”

The Collaborative has installed six custom-made, hand decorated free libraries in front of early learning centers throughout the county.

In addition to this work, Peach County Family Connection is working on violence prevention in high school and middle schools, providing positive action classes to encourage youth to make positive decisions. The Collaborative also offers youth mental health first aid classes for adults who work with high school students.

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Krystin Dean
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