Georgia Family Connection Informs Lawmakers about Vulnerable Kids and Families

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Delegates from the Georgia Family Connection Statewide Peer to Peer Advisory Council representing the voice of all 159 counties gathered at the Capitol this month for the first time in three years to share with lawmakers what they’re doing to support Georgia’s children and families and their communities.

“It’s critical that our elected leaders at all levels continue to be in tune with the challenges our local children and families are up against,” said Georgia Family Connection Partnership Executive Director Gaye Smith. “We’re tasked with providing them with reliable data and the information we gather from our unique vantage point as they make decisions on policy and how public dollars are invested in our communities.”

Georgia Family Connection representatives talked with state legislators during this post-pandemic reunion event about how Collaboratives across the statewide network supported communities through the pandemic and are helping them emerge. They also thanked members of the General Assembly for investing in Georgia’s children and families and our statewide network.

“Meeting with state lawmakers under the Gold Dome during the legislative session directly connects our Collaborative leaders who do the hard work every day to improve conditions for Georgia’s children and families with the leaders who Georgians have entrusted to make laws and budget decisions that have a lasting impact in our communities,” said Smith. “Informing our lawmakers about our data and our work during the time when they’re casting votes on legislation that affect all of us is one way we elevate the voices of our state’s most vulnerable residents—which is core to Georgia Family Connection’s mission. We’re grateful to have members of Georgia’s General Assembly as strong partners in this work.”


Here are some photos from the day.

Bill Valladares
GaFCP Communications Director

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Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) is a public-private partnership created by the State of Georgia and investors from the private sector to assist communities in addressing the serious challenges facing children and families. GaFCP also serves as a resource to state agencies across Georgia that work to improve the conditions of children and families. Georgia KIDS COUNT provides policymakers and citizens with current data they need to make informed decisions regarding priorities, services, and resources that impact Georgia’s children, youth, families, and communities. Georgia KIDS COUNT is funded, in part, through a grant from The Annie E. Casey Foundation, a private charitable organization dedicated to helping build better futures for disadvantaged children in the United States. For more information.