GMA Challenges Communities to Let Teens Know It’s Worth the Shot

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The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) is calling on youth leadership councils and youth community groups across the state to develop innovative ways to share the importance of the COVID-19 vaccine with peers in their communities through its “Teens & Vaccines Challenge” as part of the “It’s Worth a Shot” initiative.

Participation options are endless, but the goal of this challenge is the same: Relay reliable information about the COVID-19 vaccine to newly eligible young people to vaccinate as many Georgians as possible this summer before heading back to school.

Sharing information can be in the form of a creative social media campaign, safe in-person events, local partnerships, or enticing incentives.

GMA will select winners by looking at creativity and impact. In addition to bragging rights, the winners of GMA’s “Teens & Vaccines Challenge” will:

  • have a spotlight feature in the Georgia’s Cities magazine, which is circulated across the nation;
  • be recognized at GMA’s Cities United Summit in January 2022; and
  • receive an all-expense-paid dinner in downtown Atlanta during their visit for the 2022 Cities United Summit.

The “It’s Worth a Shot” public information campaign is built around the COVID-19 vaccine to contribute to Gov. Brian Kemp’s and the Georgia Department of Health’s goal to vaccinate as many Georgians as possible during spring and early summer 2021, reach a vaccination rate of 70% to 80%, and achieve herd immunity.

“Our goal in creating this campaign was to give all of Georgia’s cities—regardless of their size, location, or communications resources—the tools to educate their residents on the COVID-19 vaccine,” said GMA Executive Director Larry Hanson. “This campaign is one of GMA’s contributions to helping our state fully restore Georgia’s economy and balance the issues of public health and the sense of safety Georgians need in order to fully connect with each other and reengage with local businesses—the heartbeat of our state’s economy.”

The “It’s Worth a Shot” initiative leverages local events, social media, and community ambassadors to educate Georgians on the safety and efficacy of all approved COVID-19 vaccines while also dispelling vaccine-related misinformation by sharing these key messages about the COVID-19 vaccine:

  • Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is safe.
  • Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine is the next step toward normalcy.
  • By receiving the COVID-19 vaccine Georgians are doing their part to protect their communities.
  • Georgians’ health and the state’s economy are at stake by not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine in pursuit of reaching herd immunity.

“We’ve all seen firsthand the devastating and far-reaching effects COVID-19 can inflict on our personal lives and our communities,” said Georgia Family Connection Partnership Executive Director Gaye Smith. “Last year, distance and masks were our only weapons in the fight against the virus. This year, we have a more powerful and effective tool to combat the spread of COVID-19—the vaccine. Getting vaccinated is our chance at keeping the virus out of our homes, our workplaces, and our lives.”

While it’s true that the COVID-19 vaccines were rolled out faster than other vaccines, each approved vaccine went through the same rigorous testing as other non-COVID vaccines and medicines. In the US, this process has produced safe and effective vaccines for the flu, polio, measles, mumps, pertussis, and more. The technology behind the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines—mRNA—has been in development for nearly 30 years and has saved millions of people from getting sick and dying.

Download GMA “Teens & Vaccines Challenge” guidelines.

Download GMA Teens and Vaccines talking points.

Download a “It’s Worth a Shot” badge:


For more information about how and where to get vaccinated, visit gafcp/coronavirus. Georgians can also visit GMA’s appointment resources page.


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GaFCP Communications Director

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