Region 12—Celebrating Two Birthdays—the Internet and Georgia Family Connection

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Georgia Family Connection turned 25 in 2016, so we’ve taken you on a journey—region by region—throughout our anniversary year to show you the landscape for children and families across our state. As we close out this milestone anniversary, we share the 25 things you need to know about Region 12.


A quarter century ago, two world-changing networks were born: the World Wide Web and Georgia Family Connection. Region 12, located in the southeastern corner of the state, also is the birthplace of Georgia Family Connection, because our statewide model was adapted from Dr. Otis Johnson’s Chatham-Savannah Youth Futures Authority.

The coordinators from the nine counties in Region 12 tell their story by using 25 Internet terms to spotlight the strategies they’re implementing to improve conditions for children and families.

For instance, The KEY WORDS to successfully reduce teen pregnancy in Glynn County are education and self esteem. The Collaborative worked with local and state resources to reduce teen pregnancy by 60 percent among all races from 2007 to 2014. The Effingham Collaborative helped develop SB114 in 1995, which provided a fund that created a PORTAL to establish the Effingham Victim Witness Assistance Program. And the Collaborative in Glynn County provided an INFORMATION HIGHWAY of resources for the Latino community by developing a series of Latino Family Nights to share health, education, and legal resources.

Check out Region 12’s video to find out what’s going on in all nine counties:

By working together we can nurture children and families who thrive in vibrant communities—everywhere. So get involved with your local Georgia Family Connection Collaborative:

Bryan County
Bryan County Family Connection
Wendy Sims

Bulloch County
Bulloch County Commission on Human Services
Catherine Hendrix

Camden County
Camden Community Alliance and Resources
Steven Sainz

Chatham County
Youth Futures Authority
Edward Chisolm

Effingham County
Effingham Family Connection Commission
Elaine Spencer

Glynn County
Family Connection Glynn
Melinda Ennis-Roughton

Liberty County
Liberty County Family Connection
David Floyd

Long County
Long County Family Connection
Lisa Overbey

McIntosh County
McIntosh County Family Connection
Genevieve Wynegar

Read about the 25 things you need to know about Region 11—where a group of innovators, trendsetters, and game-changers are applying what 25 years of Family Connection has taught them: healthy and helpful communities bring about healthy and successful families.

Thank you for accompanying us on this yearlong journey. These stories have given you just a peek into all the amazing partnerships and work going on in our communities. If you’re part of a family, or you’re someone who supports families and communities in this state, Georgia Family Connection’s milestone anniversary should matter to you.

Georgia is poised to do tremendous things in the coming years to ensure that this state remains a great place both to raise children and to do business. But we still have a lot of work to do, so as we embark on our next quarter century in 2017, our work must begin where it always has—with data and a conversation.

So, let’s talk.