Restoring Hope in Candler County

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Candler County is proud of its new Boys and Girls Club. And rightly so. The community came together to take an abandoned ramshackle school and restore it to a state-of-the-art facility where all of Candler’s young people can gather to nourish their minds and bodies.

It was Lisa Rigdon, director of Candler County Family Connection, who brought the idea of opening a Boys and Girls Club to the community. She saw a need, wrote a grant, and then worked with community partners, who donated their time, talent, and resources to create a youth development center and learning environment that is both fun and functional.

The facility, which opened in September and netted $40,000 during a one-day fundraising campaign, features a computer lab, art room, cooking lab, urgent care and Tele Health, library, game room, STEM classroom, theater, gym, and plenty of other rooms for kids to learn and play.

This is literally concrete evidence of local collaboration at work. The programs the Boys and Girls Club provide there will surely improve outcomes for Families and Children in Candler County. Congrats to Lisa and the collaborative partners she challenged to make this place a reality.

Take a look at some pictures of Lisa, her partners, and Candler’s young residents making use of the new Boys and Girls Club.

Images from Candler Boys and Girls Club