Jenkins County High students participate in Teen Maze

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Jenkins County Family Enrichment Center sponsored the second annual Teen Maze March 14 at the Jenkins County High School Gymnatorium. Over 325 Jenkins County High School students participated in the event.

The Teen Maze is a life-size interactive experience where students advance through the maze by chance. Students are not able to make choices for themselves. They draw, spin a wheel or roll dice to determine the path they will take. The random determination enables them to experience good and bad situations such as graduation, death, teen pregnancy, alcohol /drug use, jail, graduation party, community service, wreck scene, court, and STDs.

Students participating in Teen Maze are victims of chance, but in real life they have choices to make. Teens are encouraged to learn from the experiences they were given as well as the experiences of their peers. Participants were given a folder with information on the Teen Maze and their experiences to take home to use as a discussion guide with their parents.

Feedback was 98 percent positive with students commenting as follows. “The Teen Maze changed my life,” 9th grade student. “It made me realize your life depends on the decisions you make.” “ On prom night I won’t touch a drink,” 10th grader. “Planning my funeral was much more than I could handle. I couldn’t imagine having to have my parents deal with it,” 12th grader.

The Teen Maze utilized over 80 volunteers: GSU staff and interns, Jenkins County School System, Head Start, Millen Women’s club, Oak Hill Baptist Church, Millen United Methodist Church, Millen Police and Fire Department, Jenkins County Sheriff’s Department, Jenkins County Office of Emergency Service, Collision Center, Willingway Hospital, Bulloch County Sexual Assault Center, Optim Medical Center, Millen-Jenkins Recreation Department, Crowe Fields Funeral Home, Jenkins County Extension Service, CSRA Probation Services Inc., Jenkins County Solicitor-General, Troy Gay, State Court Judge, H. R. Reeves, III, Pam Black, Huann Worley, Irene Drummer, Anette Head, Gerald Walker, Seth Linder, Nancy Head, Debbie Williams, Jacinda Ford, Vickie Arthur and Cindy Linder.

The Teen Maze was made possible through funding from the Wal-mart Foundation and the County Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Fund.

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