Watch Millen, Ga. on Dateline NBC this Sunday

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Be sure to watch Dateline NBC on Sunday night. NBC News correspondent Lester Holt reports the story of three American women from Millen, Ga., who find an inner strength as they face the Great Recession and their own worst fears.

“The Town That Jobs Forgot” will feature the Jenkins County Family Commission, one of the first stops for families during difficult times.

“The Jenkins County collaborative has always worked hard to study, understand, and respond to the emerging needs of their community,” said GaFCP Executive Director Gaye Smith. “Time after time as a community issue comes up, the collaborative steps up. This is yet another demonstration of that commitment to building a vibrant community for the children and families they know best.”

The Dateline NBC story on Millen will air this Sunday, August 14, at 7p.m./6c.

Watch a preview of “The Town That Jobs Forgot.”