Don’t Forget Summer Learning is Critical to School Success

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I can’t believe children in Georgia have been out of school for nearly a month—just about halfway through their summer vacation. We can’t forget that the summer months hold great opportunities for children to enrich what they have learned during the school year and provide extra support in areas that they may have difficulty.  Summer is a critical time to reinforce student learning and avoid summer learning loss. 

Research has shown that children often lose between 1 – 3 months of what they have learned during the school year–ironically in just 1 – 2 months of summer break. What I find even more alarming is that summer learning loss has a greater impact on low-income children because they often lack access to quality summer learning opportunities.

Let’s make sure our children don’t lose precious knowledge this summer by keeping their minds active and engaged in the learning process!  

The Michigan Department of Education developed some great “pilot” resources for parents to encourage summer learning that I thought would be great to share. Please follow the links below for free reading-related activities that you can do with your child this summer.



1st-2nd Grade

2nd-3rd Grade

Learn more about Georgia’s Grade Level Reading Initiative to ensure all children are proficient in reading by the 3rd grade. Together, we can make 3rd grade reading profiency for every child a reality.  Stay tuned for ways to get involved as our initiative continues to grow!