Extreme Makeover for gafcp.org

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According to the College of Design at North Carolina State University, to study design is to consider what does not yet exist. It’s an endeavor that anticipates what is to come.

That’s exactly what we had in mind when we set out to redesign our Web site. More than a mere change in our appearance, the new gafcp.org design will play a vital role in how we strengthen our communities and bring into focus our vision for a Georgia where all kids will be healthy, ready to start school and do well when they get there, and that families will be stable and self-sufficient.

The key to strengthening Georgia’s children, families and communities is through collaboration that begins at the local level. It takes all of us—representatives and leaders from state agencies, civic groups, local businesses, the faith community, elected officials, advocates, and concerned citizens—working together to improve conditions for children and families in Georgia.

The power of collaboration is in building on the experiences and best practices of every collaborative organization in our statewide network—the only one of its kind in the nation. Our greatest achievements for children, families, and communities during the past 20 years all emerged at the collaborative table.

During these challenging times it’s even more crucial that we continue to draw on our two decades of experience working in communities to identify gaps, streamline services, and share resources. We must reinforce our existing network, aggressively establish new partnerships, and nurture innovative forms of collaboration so we can address the priorities and issues that confront us.

If we’re serious about sustaining Georgia’s future, we need to engage in focused, honest discussions on how we can together drive change. We’re taking advantage of the collaborative potential of the Internet and the social network to develop strategies that will determine the direction of our state.

Tell us how you’re creating opportunities for children and families to succeed. Comment on the stories in our newsroom, keep tabs on our blog, share your story, or start a conversation on our Facebook page. This online community is a work in progress. We’ll develop new features and content as we continue to unify your commitment to Georgia’s children, families, and communities, and to make sure your efforts to improve their lives work.