Rogers, New Holland school to mark 20th anniversary of Ga. PreK

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GAINESVILLE – To celebrate Georgia’s PreK program and its 20th Anniversary, State Representative Carl Rogers of Gainesville will visit Natell Thomas’s PreK class at New Holland Core Knowledge Academy on Monday.

Next week will mark the state’s second official year of PreK Week, sponsored by Voices for Georgia’s Children ( and its Pre-K Week partners. Rogers is one of nearly 140 officials who will visit some of the approximately 3,800 Pre-K classrooms located in Georgia.

“We are so honored that Rep. Rogers is taking time away from his demanding schedule to spend some time with us,” said Susan Culbreth, Director of the Gainesville City Schools Prek Program. “We need leaders like him to be vocal about the positive effects that early childhood education programs have on the future success of the child, and of our state.”

Rogers will be at the school from around 10:00 until about 11:00. While there, he will participate in a learning activity with the children, take a tour of the facility, talk with the staff, and get an up-close look at the many ways that the center is supporting early learning.

“Georgia’s Pre-K is an exceptional education program that serves 84,000 4-year-olds throughout Georgia,” said Pat Willis, Executive Director of Voices for Georgia’s Children, a child advocacy organization. “Pre-K is a milestone in a child’s early education. Studies show that early education programs for children age birth to five — in all income groups — will have long-term impact on a child’s education. We are proud that Georgia’s Pre-K is making a difference in the lives of so many of our youngest learners, preparing them for future success in school and in life.”

Joining Voices for Georgia’s Children as partners on Georgia Pre-K Week are Ferst Foundation for Childhood Literacy ( Georgia Association for Young Children (, Georgia Child Care Association (, Georgia Early Education Alliance for Ready Students (, Georgia Family Connection Partnership (, Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education ( , Georgia Public Library Service (, JumpStart(, Multiple Junior League Chapters (, Quality Care for Children (, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta ( and YMCA (

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