GaFCP Funds Moved to the Governor’s Office for Children and Families

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We were informed yesterday that the Office of Planning and Budget (OPB) has proposed moving all funds for Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) and the Georgia Family Connection network to the Governor’s Office for Children and Families (GOCF) in FY12. We are told this is an effort to make state government more efficient.

While we have long supported efforts to identify ways to streamline operations and services, this recommendation has taken us by surprise. Georgia Family Connection was created 20 years ago to streamline services and systems that impact and serve children and families. Our core principles—local decision-making based on reliable data, accountability, and leveraging resources—are aligned with the new administration’s priorities.

We will review the recommendation and analyze its impact on:

  • the statewide Family Connection collaborative network,
  • our GaFCP operations as a public/private nonprofit organization,
  • funding from our private investors, and most important,
  • the children and families we serve.

Our work is critical to ensuring efficiency of services and programs, and that local leaders are empowered to hold themselves accountable. Georgia is the only state in the nation with this kind of network and we are firm in our intent to preserve this nationally recognized model of local collaboration, its infrastructure, and the support from leaders and citizens in all 159 counties.

Collaborative partners and friends, thank you for working diligently with us over the years to collaborate to improve outcomes for children and families. If you have comments or feedback about the budget recommendation or our response, please post your thoughts here on our blog. We’d love to hear from you.