New Report Focuses on Key Education Issues Facing Ga. in 2015

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Georgia Partnership’s ‘Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015’ Now Available

For the past 11 years, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education (GPEE) has been publishing a report that identifies and analyzes the key education issues the state will be, or should be, addressing in the coming year. Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015 edition is now available.

Some topics such as funding and early education are often recurring themes but there are several new issues this year such as “Assessments—How Much is Too Much?” “To Elect or Appoint? The Question Regarding the State School Superintendent,” and “Equity in Education—Access and Opportunity.”

Dr. Dana Rickman, GPEE’s policy and research director, says this year’s edition is an indicator of the progress the state has made, but also underlines there is much more to do. “Georgia has completed its four-year Race to the Top grant work and as a result, we are seeing progress in a variety of areas,” she said. “The 2015 report offers a unique look at where we have been, where we are and where we need to go to be a national leader.”

The report begins with “Ten Indicators for Success: Where is Georgia Today?” Dr. Steve Dolinger, Georgia Partnership president, says this introduction lets readers clearly see where Georgia stacks up against other states in a variety of key categories. “The annual Top Ten is used across the state as a critical resource document,” he said. “It is written so the layman can understand the complexities of the education landscape. We invite anyone with an education interest to review it and use it throughout the year.”

Dolinger added that each issue is divided into three sections. “We not only identify the key topics but provide analysis of each, detail its significance to Georgia, then offer our thoughts on the next action steps the state needs to take to move forward,” he said. “Georgia Partnership is grateful to AT&T for its funding support.”


The report is available in hard copy and online. The Georgia Partnership will provide up to two copies for free upon request by sending an email to Postage reimbursement will be required for greater quantities.

Download the Top Ten Issues to Watch in 2015.

Written requests can be made to: Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education, 270 Peachtree Street, Suite 2200, Atlanta, GA 30303.

Founded in 1992 by the Georgia Chamber of Commerce and the Georgia Economic Developers Association, the Georgia Partnership for Excellence in Education consists of business, education, community and government leaders who share a vision of education excellence. Working to be Georgia’s foremost change agent in education, the independent nonprofit, non-partisan organization takes lead roles in efforts to shape policy and reform education.

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