New Study Shows Preventing Low Birthweight Saves Money and Lives

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A recent study released by the Georgia Family Connection Partnership (GaFCP) Theory of Change Workgroup looks at fiscal costs associated with low-birthweight (LBW). According to the May 2011 Evaluation Snapshot, LBW babies suffer higher rates of infant mortality, while the newborns who do survive incur substantial expenses. Medical costs increase as birthweight decreases, and the costs of LBW continue to rise as the infant grows and develops.

Beyond the fiscal burden, LBW is linked to lower IQ test scores, lower educational achievement, behavioral problems, cognitive development delays, and reduced employment and earning as adults.

What is encouraging is that the study reveals that when Georgia Family Connection counties implement collaborative prevention efforts there are substantial cost savings.

Read the May 2011 Evaluation Snapshot to learn more details about the costs savings reported in this study.

This study builds on a June 2010 Evaluation Snapshot which showed community collaboration supports healthier birth weights in Georgia counties.

Learn more about GaFCP’s Low-Birthweight Intiative.

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GaFCP Communications Manager
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