Remembering Linda Long

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Linda Long head shot

Quiet with a sweet spirit, but fearless and authoritative when it came to doing the right thing. That’s how Linda Eidson Long’s colleagues remember their long-time, cherished friend. Linda passed away on July 13.

“Rarely do we have the privilege to know someone as good, kind, and ethical as Linda,” said Ellen Whitlock, director of Resource Development and Contract Management at GaFCP. “She was always available to help you in her quiet, efficient way.”

Ellen described Linda as a master at managing the complex budget and funds data systems. “Only a special few know that magic language,” she said. “She was also a master when it came to analyzing the impact of pending legislative budget proposals and adjustments.”

Among her responsibilities as contract manager during her 10 years at GaFCP, Linda ensured that Family Connection funds were properly budgeted for the state appropriations, and she coordinated with collaborative organizations to resolve audit issues for the Family connection grants. She also managed the Partnership contractors’ agreements and balances, and prepared monthly grant reports for the technical assistance portion of the state funds.

“Linda was as solid and dependable as they come,” said GaFCP Executive Director Gaye Smith. “I could count on her to not only find an answer or the ‘right number’ for me, but to do it quickly and efficiently. Linda had boundless patience, too.  I would have to ask her over and over during the legislative session to refresh my memory on how I should explain one of our spreadsheets. She walked through each column until I could remember how all the numbers fit together. Her tranquil demeanor kept me calm when things were whirling around  me. I will miss her so much.”

Sayge Medlin, director of Community Support & Information, called Linda a rare and priceless jewel. “We will miss her kindness, positivity, intelligence, and shining presence in our offices,” she said.

Linda came to GaFCP after retiring from the Department of Human Services (formerly Human Resources). She began her 34 years of service there as fiscal analyst, was later promoted to budget officer for the administrative program budgets, and promoted again to Planning & Budget administrator in 1999.

Ellen Whitlock, Linda Lunsford and Linda Long in NYC
Ellen Whitlock (left), Linda Lunsford and Linda Long take Manhattan.

Linda Lunsford of Resource Development and Contract Management worked with Linda since the 1980s. When Linda became her assistant at the Department of Human Services, Lunsford described their relationship as the classic scenario where the subordinate has to train the supervisor. “Linda was patient with me and taught me well,” she said. “We became the best of friends in addition to colleagues. Since that time Linda and I have worked side by side, literally, with neighboring offices.”

Thank you, Linda, for being a great friend, co-worker, mother, wife, grandmother, and church member. Thank you for all you did so quietly, your gentle voice of authority, your team spirit, and your infectious smile. We miss you.

Linda lived in Conyers and was an active member of St. John’s Baptist Church in Lithonia. She is survived by: husband, Daniel H. Long of Conyers; daughters, Christina Williams, of NY and Melinda & John White, of Conyers; step-daughter, Shannon & David Busbee, of Madison; step-son, Danny Long, of Covington; grandchildren, Justin White, Victoria White, Maddison Busbee, Cameron Busbee and Jordan Busbee.

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